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 Monthly Subscription Based

With the recent economic downturn, many companies have to endure large cut on expenses and with the rapidly diminishing budget, it is hard to find large sum of money to start an IT project such as building a new website.

We understanding the difficulties and that is why we have developed the Mavista platform so that our clients can enjoy the best online services for only a fixed monthly subscription fee. There is no setup or installation fee so you don’t have to worry about all the extra costs for setting up or running a website and you can concentrate in promoting your business.

100% Web Based

The ubiquity of the internet throughout business and society makes it the ideal platform for software applications. Businesses are better connected than ever both in and out of the office. Both staffs and customers are more familiar with web interfaces and technology, hence a much higher successful adoption and acceptance rate.

Mavista platform is 100% web based, that means you don’t need to install any application to your PC or notebook. Hence more money saved because no additional hardware or software is needed. Another major advantage for working with a web based system is that it can be accessed from anywhere. It can also save time because staff members can learn and use web based software more quickly because they are already familiar with similar technology from using the internet.

Full Control

In this modern age of information and technology, the internet serves as an ideal platform for promoting any business. As your business grows and develops, you will feel the need to add more useful information and new products and services, and thus will have to make the necessary changes on your website. In the past, this task often calls for hiring the professional services of a skilled web designer. Not only will this usually turn out to be very time-consuming, but over a period of time, it will also prove to be an expensive affair.

The ability to manage your own website, from a simple change of web content, news, enquiry form, to managing the submitted appointments, orders or new products. Mavista platform offers simple to use backend administrative system enable our clients to update or make any required changes on their website or online shop.

With our Content Management System (CMS), it eliminates the need to for a professional web designer to make the required changes and thus saves a lot of your valuable time. This consequently, also is an economical and flexible solution to the relatively high fees of the web designer. On the other hand, having a CMS allows our clients to run their online businesses with minimal staff.

Our News Management System allows our clients to post news with images to their websites with ease and largely improve the “searchability” of their websites on major search engines with the flash contents.

On the other hand, our Form Management System offers full control on the format and content of our clients’ online booking, appointment or enquiry forms. Each question, you can pick different style (dropdown bar, checkboxes, radio buttons, date picker, etc…) and different parameters. It will also help you to manage all the submitted forms and provides form status and remarks fields.

Designed for Business Users

The heart of many businesses today is based on their web system, including their public website as a set of business functions being delivered with their online presence, ranging from online purchase to business partner access to account login.

However, many technologists in the past have struggled in designing a system suitable to be fully managed by the “businesspeople”. User-friendliness is sometime neglected due to the focus on satisfying the business processes, and the ergonomics of a business system is ignored.

Mavista platform is designed by the businesspeople for the businesspeople. Apart from handling all the required business processes, the user-friendly interface allows non-technical users to have full control of the website, yet without having to worry about the risk of damaging the system.

Instant Control

For a business, time is money. Having to wait for technical staffs or external partners to update your website could cost you time AND businesses. Having the power to control your web system instantly not only will save you time but allow you to make adjustments to the ever changing business needs at any time.

Many websites have failed because of the challenges business users have to face in coping with the continuous changing needs of their websites. Not being able to manage the website to handle these needs is one of the key reasons why websites failed.

Mavista platform provides our clients with access to the backend administrative system which allows them to make instant changes to satisfy the ever changing business needs. Providing the frontend staffs with instant means to control of the website is a key to online success.

Establish Multi Online Communication Channels with Your Clients

Businesses and individuals have a choice of many communication channels. Web is best for short, quick information retrieval. A website with relevant information has proofed to be the most useful communication channel of all. Email communication has also become the cord module of our daily communication. The Web’s strength is its search capability, but apart from the standard search engine and the basic features mentioned above, Mavista offers much more to our clients. Web form is often the main communication channel between visitors and site owners. Feedback is always important which is why it’s important for us to design a form system which is easy to understand and intuitive to use. Another important part of our Mavista platform is the ability for our clients to broadcast online newsletters to their target audiences.

Multi Channels:

  Web Content (Static)   Online Registration Form
  Web Content (News)   Online Booking Form
  Search Engine   Online Newsletters
  Email   Forums
  Online Enquiry Form    

Hassle-Free Solution

We understand it could be a very troublesome experience for small and medium enterprises to set up a website or an online shop. Starting from domain registration, web design, email setup, online applications, enquiry form, content submission, to web hosting, support and website maintenance. Mavista provides businesses and individuals with hassle-free, reliable web solutions. We offer an all-in-one solution which can help you to tackle all the problems above at a fixed monthly fee, so that you can concentrate your business while we help you to take care of the rest.

Low & Affordable Cost

We know that even average web design and ecommerce system s can cost “an arm and a leg”. Mavista offers the most affordable all-in-one web solution on the market. With cost as low as HK$398 (US$51) per month, you can enjoy our comprehensive web packages which include:

  A Profession Public Website   Web Hosting
  Content Management System   Web Mail Accounts
  News Management System   Support and Maintenance
  Contact Management System   Free Upgrades
  Online Enquiry Form Management System  And many more features…
  Web Traffic Report System    

Take Advantage on the Latest Technology

Our Mavista platform uses the latest web based technologies and is constantly upgraded to provide the best and latest technologies to our clients. We also take advantage of other 3rd party technology such as the latest Adobe® Flex® to develop more robust and user-friendly Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). To get a taste on what the new technology can offer, please visit our Flex eShop

Establish Branding

Many small companies take advantage from the free services provided online to setup their webpage under large company domains such as Yahoo, eBay and Alibaba. Although these services could be handy at times, it is not the best way to establish an online present because you cannot differentiate your company with your competitors. It is also a very bad branding exercise as the presentations are relatively poor with little room to establish “branding” with the restriction on the use of web design and domain name (many free services will only allow you to use a sub-domain name such as . The combination sends a very negative signal to your potential customers.

However, with the use of our Mavista services you will be able to establish a positive branding with the professional online present. You will also be able to use your own preferred domain name which is the key to online branding.

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