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Partnership Program

InterBiztech Solutions Ltd. offers attractive and straight forward partnership programs on all our Mavista packages. Whether you are a Marketing Company, Designing House, Printing Firm, Business Center, Hosting Company, ISP, Exhibitors, or individuals who would like to take advantage in reselling or bundling our packages, our all-in-one comprehensive solutions will surely be the right choice for you.

You concentrate on marketing and selling, we will do the rest.

Unlike many affiliate or partnership programs, as our partner, you do not have to worry about the technical aspects of the project and handling any post-sale issues. Once an application form has been submitted, we will handle the rest. All you need to do is find the leads.

Referrals, Bundles and Customized Projects.

We offers referral rebates, software bundle packages as well as special rates on join customized web projects. Contact us NOW for more details.

Partnership that will enhance your offers to your clients.

We are constantly looking for partners who we could work with to enhance our service offerings. If you are a Designing House specialize in offline designs or even webpage designs, we could be your partner to expand your business offerings to include comprehensive web solutions to your clients. How about Business Centers who would like to do more business with their existing clients, providing “virtual” office space could be a real and attractive possibility. Hosting companies and ISPs, offering quick and easy websites to your customers could be effortless. If you are an Estate Agent, apart from finding actual office for your business clients, how about offering them “virtual” office at the same time for those new setups? For the Marketing Companies, we could empower you to offer all kinds of web base solutions to your clients and enrich your service offerings. From websites, to online marketing solutions, we could be your “invisible” hands. Contact us NOW to explore all the opportunities and possibilities out there.

Referral Program
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The only requirement to participate is to register with us for a referral code. After all, we need to know where to send the cheques to you. Contact us and get registered NOW!

Web Directories
Free Web Directory
Including Start Up Resources, Offer automatic, instant and free directory submissions.

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