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Mavista eSHOP

setup your professional online shop with Mavista eShop and be your own boss

Mavista eSHOP is an online shop e-commerce solution featuring a rich set of online shopping cart functionality that allows shop owners to setup, run and maintain online shops with minimum effort and experience. There are currently 4 different packages available to fulfill different needs.


eShop Catalog eShop Lite eShop Pro eShop FX
Content Management System
News Management Module
Forms Management Module
User Management Module
Product Management Module
Category Management Module
Shopping Cart Module  
Order Management Module  
Discount Management Module    
Coupon Management Module      
Cross Selling Module      
eMarketing Management Module (Broadcast Limit Per Month)  1000 1000  2000 2000
Web Traffic Report
Payment Gateway Integration  
Flash Interface      

Included Features:

eShop Design eShop Design

You can choose your online shop design from our ever-growing list of web templates categorize by industries and color themes.

*Customized web design is also available by request.

Product Management Modul Product Management Module

A powerful management module to organize, control and manage a wide range of products. All your latest products can be seamlessly added to your online shop. Multi images per product, expiry date and product references are only some of the features available.

Content Management System (CMS) Content Management System (CMS)

You can customize the content of your website with our Online Content Management System at anytime. Eliminate unnecessary time and effort needed by traditional content update services.

Category Management Module Category Management Module

Maximum of 3 levels of category is available for all our eShop packages. You can freely create, update and change order according to your needs.

eMarketing Management System eMarketing Management System

Enable you to create high-impact email newsletters and promotions in just minutes. Along with our contact and reporting modules, it’s easy for you to manage your contact email lists and measure performance.

Shopping Cart Module Shopping Cart Module

Integrated in your online shop, our shopping cart allows you to customize the methods of payment and shipping available for your customers.

Contact Management System Contact Management System

Help your company to consolidate contact lists and categorize your clients into different groups, build relationships, and get results!

Order Management Module Order Management Module

Our powerful order administration features include order searching, processing and shipments with notification. Order records can be exported in MS Excel format.

News Management System News Management System

A powerful integrated system allows you to create news to be published on your website anytime. You can insert images, attachments and set publish date. RSS feed is now available in our latest version.

Discount Management Module Discount Management Module

Provide a comprehensive set of discount rules for you to customize for your needs. From general percentage and actual amount discount to multi level discount with free gifts or redemption.

Forms Management System Forms Management System

A powerful feature that not only helps you create customized online forms for different sections of your website, the system will also manage the submitted forms and allow you to process them at anytime.

Coupon Management Module Coupon Management Module

A useful feature to enable your online shop to accept coupons in your shopping cart. Issue coupons with single or multi usage with time and product(s) restrictions.

Web Traffic Report Web Traffic Report

An important source of web performance data with detailed analysis to offer you a comprehensive picture on how your online shop is performing.

User Management System User Management System

Multiple user accounts can be created for each company and allow you to share your tasks with your colleagues. Different access levels can also be set for different users to offer more control.

Web Hosting & Unlimited Free Upgrade Web Hosting & Unlimited Free Upgrade

A hassle-free hosting solution is provided in our package which takes care of your hosting needs.

100% Web Based Admin 100% Web Based Admin

MAVISTA is a 100% Web-Based solution that you can access and modify anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. It supports multiple concurrent users and is extremely easy to use!

Full Backend Support and Maintenance Full Backend Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance of your website is essential but often overlooked. Mavista provides comprehensive support so you can focus on your business while Mavista takes care of the rest.

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